Members get access to PIRQUE's intelligence database, and can co-invest via risk-aligned syndicates.
ahead access
· access quality not quantity
· portfolio compounding at 33%/yr
· ~8 deals / year
[+] list of syndicated assets
skin in the game
· the only signal of true diligence
· PIRQUE (lead) always invest >10%
· PIRQUE (lead) takes the same operational risk
[+] average syndicate table
pay to play
· $1,000 gets you a seat at the table
· no minimum capital commitment
· cancel the membership anytime
[+] historical activity by investors
private capital
· principals only, no intermediaries
· individuals, families, family business
· comfortable with >10yrs illiquidity
[+] network members
(directory soon)
intel unbundled
· quarterly update calls
· online intelligence database
· read investment memos
[+] go to
flexible menu
· Δ1 single deals (active)
· Δ2 standard fund (passive)
· Δ3 holding company (shareholder)
[+] download brochure
Ahead membership fee $1.000/yr
Capital commitment 0% (zero)
Member's investment preference active: evaluate deals passive: evaluate leads
Investment vehicle single deal (SPV) multiple deal (MVP)
Deal fee 0% (zero)
Management fee 0% (zero)
Success fee (carry) 0% - 30%
Admin fees (pro-rated among all investors, including the lead) pass-thru of AngelList fees
fixed $8k/SPV fixed $270k/MVP

become a member and get one year ahead

$1,000 per year
capital commitment
$0 (zero)
members' investment preference
active: evaluate deals
passive: evaluate lead
skin in the game of the lead
≥10% (with a $10k minimum)
investment vehicle
single deals
standard fund
management fee
$0 (zero)
deal fee
(success fee paid as carry)
spot, 0%-40%
fixed, 20%
lifetime admin fees
(pass-through from AngelList, pro-rated among all investors including the lead)