Leads ("Underwriters")

We selectively partner with investment leads that share our risk-alignment philosophy:

Skin in the game, at least 10% (with a $10k minimum) into each vehicle.
Zero management fees.

Leads that behave like underwriters.

If interested in partnering, please apply [email protected]

Things we look for:
Proven access to founders by having a strong network/connections.
Research intelligence to show advanced domain expertise and proof of work on which the independent investment conviction was built.

Some of our leads:

Early-stage private companies that have the potential to capitalize on secular macro growth trends.

🇺🇸 - Artem Milinchuk
Highly differentiated flow of AgTech and FinTech deals thanks to Artem's role as founder of FarmTogether (a farmland investment platform).

🇬🇧 - in due diligence
🇸🇪 - in due diligence

🇮🇱 - [apply → [email protected] ]
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