How do I get started?

To get started you need to signup to our annual membership here.
Once confirmed payment, you will receive a welcome email with additional information.

Do I need to be an accredited investor to join AHEAD?

No, you don’t need to be an accredited investor to get access to our intelligence platform and receive deal opportunities.
If you are interested in co-investing with us, you will have to confirm accredited investor status before joining our syndicate in AngelList.
For more information about accredited investor status, click here

The annual membership starts from the time I join or runs on a calendar year basis?

The annual membership last 12 months from the time you have joined our membership and we have received payment confirmation.
The membership will auto-renew automatically at the time of expiration unless it has been previously cancelled.

How will I receive communication once I have joined ΔHEΔD?

We will always communicate via email to the address you used to sign up to our membership.
Make sure to add [email protected] to a safe sender list or mark it as Not SPAM in your email provider to avoid our emails landing in your SPAM.

What is AngelList?

AngelList is the #1 platform used for financing US startups with $10B+ in assets under management. AngelList provides the legal and tax services required to invest in startups and a full-stack platform that allows investors to track their investments in one place.
For more information about AngelList, click here.

What is the legal structure of my investment?

PIRQUE always participates in the same investment vehicle than the rest of our AHEAD members to make sure that we all share the same operational risks.
Typically, investments from our syndicates are made via Single Purpose Vehicles (SPV) that are structured as Delaware LLCs created with the sole purpose to invest in the specific company under consideration.
At the time of the investment, AngelList makes available to all investors the Limited Partnership Agreement (LPA), Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) and the Subscription Agreement for each investor to evaluate the legal terms of the partnership.

What is the process to join AngelList?

For full FAQ on AngelList please refer to their Help Center.

Can I invest from outside the US?

Yes, you can invest from outside the US as long as you are able to wire funds into your AngelList account and you meet US SEC accredited investor status.

Can I use a business entity to invest with my ΔHEΔD membership?

Yes, ΔHEΔD members can co-invest using a legal entity if it is own and controlled by the member.

How many co-investment opportunities should I expect to receive with my AHEAD membership?

Our AHEAD membership provides access to our intelligence platform and network of modern investors while also giving access to co-invest with us when the opportunity arises.
PIRQUE is not liable to share a minimum number of deals to our AHEAD members but it is of our best interest to find and invest in good companies as we find them.
Based on historical trends, we expect to share between 8-10 opportunities a year to our AHEAD members.

What is the minimum ticket to invest in a deal?

The minimum investment per deal is $1,000

Where can I keep track of all my investments?

AngelList provides an investment dashboard in which each investor can track the performance of their investments based on the latest data available.
In addition, we will be sharing directly to investors any updates that we receive from the startups.

Are there any other fees associated to my investment?

AHEAD members get access to co-invest with PIRQUE with 0% carry and 0% management fees.
Each new investment has a one-time set up fee paid to the SPV provider (Eg. AngelList) that ranges from $4,000 to $10,000 aprox.
This set-up fee is pass thru to all investors, including PIRQUE, on a pro-rata basis.

For illustration purposes, if the total allocation for an investment is $300,000 and the AngelList set up costs total $8,000, each investor will have to pay approximately 2.6% of their investment as a onetime set-up fee that would guarantee the lifetime service of that investment vehicle by AngelList.

Are there any resources I can use to learn more about VC investments strategies?

Yes, we have prepared a list of resources from books, articles reports and videos that would allow AHEAD members to get a better perspective on VC as an asset class.
To access these resources, go to

When should I expect to realize returns from my investments?

PIRQUE investment strategy considers a 10+ year investment horizon and our recommendation is to consider any of these investments as illiquid and very long-term oriented.
In general, liquidity events are driven by a portfolio company 'exit' from either becoming public (IPO) or being acquired by another company (M&A) with cash or stocks that are traded in public markets.
The timing for these ‘exits’ cannot be predicted but generally, a company takes about 8-12 years to go public and M&As, which account for ~90% of the 'exits' in the US, can happen at any point of time.

What if I would like to liquidate one of the investments I have made?

PIRQUE takes no responsibility to provide liquidity to any specific member and it will not accept any form of exit of an individual investor that may impact the rest of the members that participated in a given syndicate.
Having said that, there might be opportunities in the future to generate liquidity via secondary transactions but our recommendation for now is to consider any of these investments as long-term and illiquid.